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Scheduling for Massage Therapists

- "Sorry, I just gotta go answer the phone, is that ok?"
As a massage therapist you spend a lot of time giving your clients a relaxing good time. What could be more relaxing than a quiet phone and a couple of scented candles? Keeping the phone ringing to a minimum is one of the best benefits of switching to web based Appointment scheduling.

In the last few years, the numbers of massage therapists using scheduling software to accept appointments online have grown rapidly. Today your clients expect you to be bookable online, and it gives you a competitive edge over your competition. Imagine a client having a back pain in the middle of the night, and he wants to make an appointment. With TimeCenter appointment scheduling, your online booking is always open, and you can get a good night's sleep.

A lot of massage therapists are hired by big companies to give their employees massage at work. For this to be efficient, scheduling must work. TimeCenter makes it easy for the employees to book a massage. And if it's easy to book, you'll make more money.

Benefits of using appointment scheduling software as a massage therapist

When giving a massage to a client, you can rest assure that we take care of your appointments.
  • Less no-shows - Your clients get reminders by e-mail and text
  • No double bookings - We make sure it doesn't happen
  • Clients can book 24/7 - You don't even have to answer the phone
  • Available everywhere - Since your appointment calendar is online, you can view it at work, at home or even if you are on a vacation half way across the globe.

Easy to use

Do you know how to check your e-mail? Then you can use TimeCenter. As a massage therapist, you can concentrate on what you do best, and let us handle your appointment scheduling.
  • Quick setup - You'll be ready to accept appointments in minutes
  • No installation - Instantly available in your web browser
  • Super-fast booking - Your clients make an appointment in only three clicks

Why our customers love TimeCenter

We get lots of e-mails from massage therapists saying how happy they are with TimeCenter. They never want to go back to paper and pen, and the constantly ringing phone. Here are some things they like about us.
  • Great and fast support - A dedicated team will help you get started in no-time
  • Attractive design - When you've spent money on awesome business cards and a great website, why accept anything other than the best looking appointment scheduler?
  • Affordable price - The low fee is quickly returned from all the extra appointments you'll get

Three quick marketing tips

As soon as you have started using TimeCenter appointment scheduling, you should start marketing your new way of accepting massage appointments online. Here are some clever tips for you.
  • Sell gift certificates - Get the money right away, and ensure a future booking
  • Connect with your clients on Facebook - Spread the word about you to their friends
  • Send mini-newsletter to your clients cell phones - Remind them how to book online
More appointments. Guaranteed.

More appointments. Guaranteed.

We're so confident that you will get more appointments and happier clients with TimeCenter that we give you a unique 100% money-back guarantee. If you cancel your account within 30 days of your first purchase, you will get a full refund. No questions asked.

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