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Event registration

When you accept appointments with a group, yoga for example, this is called event registration. You can set one or more specific dates and times for the events, and how many people can book before it's full. You can also let each person book more than one place, for example with couples or friends booking at the same time.

Yoga Studio Software

Event registration for Yoga classes
- "And now, the downward facing dog..."
- "Mmmmfffggg... phew..."
- "That's it for today, now remember to register with Janet in our reception for your next yoga class!"
By letting your students register online for your yoga classes instead, you don't even need a receptionist. Your students will schedule the next 10 sessions in just a few minutes.
As a Yoga teacher, you easily set up when the classes are, and how many students are allowed in each class. You can relax, and let TimeCenter manage your registrations. Now exhale.

Fitness centers & gyms

Event registration for Fitness centers & gyms
- "Body Pump, Spinning, Kick n' box, AquaFit! So much too choose from!"
Our customers say that since they switched to online event registration, their clients suddenly registered to more events. And as they have curious friends they bring along, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that this means more money for you. Give your clients an online menu with classes to choose from, and you will be greatly rewarded.

Conference registration software

Event registration for Conferences
- "Hurry, only 50 tickets left to the Eat-and-drink-all-you-like-Wine-and-Cheese conference. Only $50!"
- "We've got to buy it now! I want some cheese!"
- "Didn't you hear? If you register online you'll only pay 30 bucks. Gimme your iPhone and let's do it!"
TimeCenter can easily handle registration for events with hundreds or even thousands of visitors. You can easily set a number of max registrations for each event, to make sure it doesn't get overbooked. Everyone will get a confirmation and a reminder 24 hours before the conference begins. You don't have to do anything. As easy as it gets.

Class & Course registration online

Event registration for Courses
- "Oh my god! So many yellow notes everywhere on my desk! I'm going crazy!"
There's a much easier way to keep track of all your courses and who's attending. Let your attendees register for your courses online. In TimeCenter you'll find a list of all the attendees, and you can send e-mail and text messages to announce new courses. By the way, we'll send them confirmations and reminders. You don't have to. That will make your courses easy to remember, and your day so much easier.

School events and classes

Event registration for School events and classes
- "That's it for today class. Next week I'll tell you how many Eiffel towers we need to stack to reach the moon!"
If you have PTA meetings, or any other event where you quickly need to get registrations, TimeCenter is the right choice for you. Don't bother trying to decipher e-mails and avoid phone calls in the middle of the night. Event registration on your website saves you and the attendees a lot of time.

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