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School Event Registration Online

- "That's it for today class. Next week I'll tell you how many Eiffel towers we need to stack to reach the moon!"
If you have PTA meetings, or any other event where you quickly need to get registrations, TimeCenter is the right choice for you. Don't bother trying to decipher e-mails and avoid phone calls in the middle of the night. Event registration on your website saves you and the attendees a lot of time.

Teachers love TimeCenter. Students love TimeCenter. And once you've tried it and experienced how much time it saves you, you're probably going to love it to.

What are the profits of switching to online event registration?

It's really easy to use. And you will get more attendees to each course. But the main benefit is that you will get a lot more spare time, since we cut away a lot of the boring administration. And of course there are some extra goodies too that we give you for free.
  • Less no-shows - Your students get e-mail and text reminders 24 hours before the event
  • Attendees can book 24/7 - You don't have to watch the phone or wade through dozens of e-mail
  • Empty slots fill up quicker - If Steve cancels, Jimmy can take his place in an instance

Simple Scheduling Software for School Events and Classes

If you can check your web mail, you know how to use TimeCenter. It's all about making it as easy as possible, so that you can focus on preparing the event. When we handle your Event registration, you will get lots of extra time. Why not take a day off? Yes, Timecenter saves you that much time!
  • No installation - Works right away in your web browser
  • Quick setup - After a few minutes, you're ready to accept registrations
  • Super-speedy booking - Your students sign up for your event in only three clicks

Why choose TimeCenter?

We know there are a lot of event registration software out there to choose from. But after you've tried TimeCenter, you'll be inspired by our graphical interface and how easy it is. When getting registrations for courses, it's important to collect basic data from the attendees, and we make that easy for you too. Here are some other things our customers like about us.
  • Great and fast support - A dedicated team will help you get started in no-time
  • Affordable price - The low monthly cost is easily justified by all the time you save on administration
  • Uploadable logo - Makes your event registration look just like your website

High security - total control of your event registration

It's easy to start accepting registrations online, and by default, everyone can register. You can always tighten it up, if you need more security.
  • You decide who can book - With our secure booking feature you register each user before they can register
  • You decide when students can book and cancel - No later than 24 hours before, for example
  • Internal registrations - Schedule internal courses that only your staff can choose from

As soon as your ready, try these 3 tips

Marketing is always important, and with TimeCenter you'll get a Book Now-button for your website. This makes it easy to register for your classes. Since almost everyone is using social media nowadays, there are some steps you should take to get mor registrations.
  • Connect with your students on Facebook - Spread the word about your classes and events and let your students pass it on to their friends
  • Send newsflashes to students cell phones - The fastest way of communicating with young people
  • Offer special events only available when registering online - Sorting out lots of e-mail is never fun. Getting registrations online is fun!
  • Put your website in your answering machine message - If students call you, let them know how easy it is to book online instead
More appointments. Guaranteed.

More appointments. Guaranteed.

We're so confident that you will get more appointments and happier clients with TimeCenter that we give you a unique 100% money-back guarantee. If you cancel your account within 30 days of your first purchase, you will get a full refund. No questions asked.

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It's easy - Get started in 60 seconds. You'll get 10 free text reminders as a welcome gift!

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